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John, Bobbi and Ellen

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While You’re Away can help to alleviate some of your concerns while you are traveling
for either your annual family vacation, frequent business trips or extended stay during
the cold winter months.

While You’re Away is owned and operated by BOBBI HOBSON and ELLEN and
JOHN GASTON. We are a local company servicing Annapolis and surrounding areas, member of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) insured and bonded.


BOBBI HOBSON is a long-time resident of Annapolis, and enjoys a lifestyle on the water. She co-owned a fine antiques business and
worked in the Annapolis city marine industry for many years. Active in her community, Bobbi is committed to giving back and always goes the extra mile for While You’re Away.

ELLEN GASTON also lives in an Annapolis water community.
She previously co-owned a corporate gift basket business and worked
as an educator and recreational therapist for children and teens.
Ellen’s strengths include a conscientious work ethic and a keen sense
of aesthetics. Always prepared, she has assembled a list of valuable contacts for the While You’re Away team.

JOHN GASTON now co-owns a home inspection business, Bedrock Home Inspection, LLC, in addition to his role with While You’re Away. Formerly an executive and an accomplished engineer with Chevron,
you can rest assured that John’s expertise and knowledge allow him to recognize the proper performance and maintenance of a home.

SNAPPLE brings with him over 10 years of expert experience. He is an enthusiastic greeter as well as the team motivator, offering daily moral support and stress relieving techniques.

We observe the condition of your home and property during your absence. If an issue is detected, you will be notified immediately. While You’re Away can schedule and supervise contractors and maintenance companies to mitigate any concerns.

We can also tend to basic household duties such as retrieving mail, watering plants, feeding fish, checking timers on lights and removing snow. These simple actions can give the appearance that someone is at your home during your travels.

CALL US, EMAIL US and CONNECT WITH US on SOCIAL MEDIA today to learn more about our valuable services, schedule your free consultation and keep up with our exciting updates.



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National Home Watch Association, NHWA  |  Insured and Bonded

John Gaston’s home inspection business BEDROCK HOME INSPECTION SERVICES

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